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knowledge is power

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US and changed the event world as we knew it in 2020, Party On responded in the best way we knew how - with information. Our first concern was our clients, and the events they had been planning for months that were now indefinitely on hold. After touching base and doing our best to stem the panic, we got in contact with the Iowa Event Alliance and our local government offices, to gain as much insight as we could. Through the pandemic, we stayed one step ahead; maintaining a constant back and forth with city and state government, organizing video meetings with other event coordinators in the area, and making sure we had the answers to our clients' questions before they could think to ask them. 
As business's started moving back to normal hours and operations, we kept our clients informed and our policies up-to-date. Currently every Party On Team Member is vaccinated and up-to-date with current CDC guidelines. For the safety of our staff, our clients, and all participants in our events, we are adhering to CDC best practices and procedures in accordance with specific venue policies. 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding Party On's COVID-19 policies or response, please contact us at
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