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A little History


Party On Des Moines! is an all-inclusive event production company based in Des Moines, Iowa. Women owned and operated, PODM offers a wide range of services to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a helping-hand at clutch time or barely in the planning stage, we want to help you create the kick-ass event of your dreams! 
Founded as a side business by Owner Kristen Meyers in 2015, Party On went full-time on St. Patrick's Day three years later with our first Party On Venue Partner, Noce Jazz Club. Since 2018, PODM has helped to develop rental management systems in four venues, partnered with a dozen local and national festivals, and helped hundreds of clients create their dream event. The Party On team utilizes decades of combined experience in political, nonprofit, private, and public event planning to craft the perfect experience for you and your guests. 

Meet the Team

Kristen Meyers


Kristen Meyers is an Iowa native and founder of Party On, Des Moines! Kristen started Party On in 2015 however has been in the events arena since 2008. She started working in political campaigns while attending the University of Northern Iowa. Since graduating in 2012, she moved to Des Moines and started immersing herself in any and most festivals, parties, and weddings in town. She has grown her business nationwide working events from southern California, to Washington DC, to New York City. Kristen is always looking to the future for new adventures and better parties! 

Shelby Starace

Director of Operations

A Drake University graduate and Des Moines local, Shelby got her start in nonprofit and small business before joining the team as an associate coordinator in 2018. She has since taken on a larger role in heading up both communications and operations for Party On. You can often find her taking up an entire table at local coffee shops, with at least 3 beverages within reach. 

Jasmine Higday

Venue Manager

Our acting venue manager at both the Science Center of Iowa and Des Moines Ballroom, Jasmine has been working with PODM since 2021. With a hustle that just doesn’t stop, Jasmine also works full-time in insurance and is active in the performing arts scene as an entertainer and show producer. When you see Jasmine out and about, ask about her pride and joy, half-loaf/half-chihuahua, 8th wonder of the world, Nugget. She'd be thrilled to show you a photo or two! 

Katie Gieseke

associate coordinator

Katie joined the team in 2019 and primarily serves as a day-of wedding coordinator at Noce Jazz Cabaret. With over 10 years of professional event experience, Katie finds time to bring together amazing events for our clients while working as a full-time event planner for the Iowa State University Foundation. She lives in Des Moines with her two rescue dogs, Daisy and Bruiser. 


"Kristen has lent a helping hand at many of our events and we always appreciate her willingness to take on new tasks and drive to improve the areas she focuses on. She is great at putting in the long hours required of festival work and we appreciate her loyalty and commitment to producing successful events. We would absolutely recommend adding Kristen to your Special Event staff! "

                                                                                                                                                            Mindy Toyne, Owner- In Any Event

"Kristen is one of the best people to have around at events. She's a wildcard, and in the best sense - anything that can possibly be thrown at you at an event, she can identify, analyze, and pivot within minutes. I'd describe her as 'the best insurance policy an event can have,' and it's one that's paid off for me countless times."

Darren Hushak, Owner- Pinnacle Recording & Productions

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